Josh Pugh

Executive Director

Josh's Story

Josh is a 30-year-old Digital Consultant & Strategist from Adelaide, South Australia. In 2016, he handed over control of Australian company, Identiti Web Development, which he founded and ran for 11 years, and moved to New York. Fortnight Digital is the summation of over 11 years in the digital marketing and website industry, combined with a wealth of business experience and knowledge. "Most importantly, it's something I love doing. I love teaching, I love helping, and I love the digital space. This business takes all of those elements and turns it into something that can assist businesses in New York as well as across the United States." In addition to Fortnight Digital, Josh also founded America Josh, a resource for international expats moving to the United States. If you would ever like to catch up and chat, please don't hesitate to email at You can also find Josh online at: